Our pies are made with 100% all natural ingredients.  No canned or pre-mixed

products!  Our whole pies are 9 inches across and in a deep dish.  They can be

sliced into 6 generous slices.  Pies come unsliced and boxed. 

All of our pies are $25 each.

Dutch Apple

Made with fresh Granny Smith apples and a brown sugar crumbly topping. An American Classic!

Choco-Chocolate Cream

Chocolate cream filling on a rich chocolate crust. A Marian Kay original!

Mixed Berry

Made with our very own blackberries and raspberries picked fresh at the farm with a shortbread cookie crust topping. You won't find a berry pie more fresh!

Blackberry pies and filling

Our delightful blackberries made into an ever-constantly requested pie filling or made into one of our famous pies!

Asian pear pies and filling

One of the best fillings you’ll find!  It can be made in to cobbler or pies or anything else as a fantastic apple-substitute!
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